Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Hologram Of Sound Within Our Universe

How can vibrations, disturbances I the air create something so humanly subjective called music? Since all matter is made of atoms and those atoms vibrate can we call the universe an orchestra?

Sound is just information. Sound travels from source to your ear, eardrum, synapse and becomes an intangible thought. Sound waves do not carry the emotions we feel from different chords, they are created within. Even when def modern musicians can still play and feel music suggesting that music has a deep cognitive mechanism. 

Sound is an intangible substance, you can't hold it in your hands. It only manifests itself when there is an observer. It can hit you like a bag of concrete or bring you to your knees.

I have a theory that the people who enjoy dance music do so be because it contains early fetal memories of our mothers heartbeat. Blues follows the rhythm of the heart as well. Puppies sleep and don't cry as much if near a ticking clock.

Early tribal drumming thousands of years ago share similarities to raves. It was a great honor to play the drums to the tribe during ceremonies, the drum becoming you as you dance and trip balls on peyote, mushrooms or ibogaine. Chemicals and music have always gone well together.

Nothing has reflected the evolution, development and advancement of a society than the music of that area. From Bach to the newest Brittany Spears song comparing large orchestral sections playing music in unison to computerized impossible voice stutters, autotune and digital drums. Music and technology are relative and always have been.

Was music played around the time the wheel was invented? Wee animal skins stretched over hollow logs and drummed when creating fire was mastered?

Music can be broken down mathematically in turn making it more in common with algebra than anything.  Like the universe music is a fractal or hologram. There is a a wide belief that a lot of composers have used the Fibonacci sequence in their compositions, if memory serves correctly BT produced a track using the golden ratio, a ratio found all over nature.

Music and sound in general is the most important manifestation within our universe. Apart from smell is the strongest sense tied to memory and more of our brains are dedicated are processing sound than vision. Music is a portrait painted within.

"all nature consists of harmony arising out of number"

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