Friday, January 20, 2012

Dear Me From 2003

Dear me from 2003,

Hey you! I found your bio writeup thing you seemed to put a lot of effort into, I shall post it 10 years later on your new blog thing. Ill just post this here. I'll be gentle, I kind of cringe when I read this but its still all good.
A leduc local, just outside of Edmonton. I deliver The most uplifting sounds your ever hear. I range from different styles of electronica. I range from trance to happy hardcore to Goa to Technic Rave. Been listening and loving rave sounds for years. I've been producing for about 2 years. My biggest influentional artist has got to be push. Others include Public Domain, Yves Deruyter, Dj Tiesto, Plastic boy, Dj blackmaster and Steven Parker. My most influentional song has got to be "Till we Meet Again" By Push. Some include "We Will Survive" by the warped brothers and "sandstorm" by darude. I use tones of software to make my music. If you want to start, I recomend you download "Fruityloops" at Theres a free trial version of FLStudio 4. Please dont download it off Kazza or any other file sharing program, If u like it, BUY IT. You owe it to them. Peace
Capitalization and stuff. But yes you do indeed lived in edmonton with your grandparents, and you are a bit angsty and a bit egotistical. Thats probably because you have a bit of low self-esteem and you are defiantly committed to "delivering the most uplifting sounds you will ever hear" even though you have no means to do so.

In the future you will range from different styles of electronica, you will also hate that people call it "EDM" for some reason. You will dabble in making slower Housey-Trance but you wont be making Freeform-Hardcore or Goa (hold off the weed for a bit). And what you think Technic Rave is, is Hard-Techno/HardHouse. You have not been listening to rave sounds for years ("rave" is not a genre of music). The years part is more like 2 but when you are 24 it will be 11 years. Crazy eh?

In the future you will only use something called Ableton Live and less plugins than you can count on two hands. You dont need to use tonnes of software, its kind of a waste of time. Also stop going through presets, any monkey can figure out what the knobs and faders do.

What you call producing isn't producing, please dont be discouraged you will nail it one day. Technology and mental capacity is a bit behind at this point in time for you. when you are around 22 you will commit months of bootcamp like dedication to making sounds. You will get it even if you think you cant.

Peace out little guy,
24 year old you

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